Why Study Design Technology?

Do you love solving problems and being creative? Design Technology is an area of study that focuses on planning, designing and creating things for people to use.

While studying this subject, you can learn how to design and make anything from electronics, clothes and furniture.

By studying Design Technology, you’ll be able to build up your creativity, problem solving, planning, and evaluation skills. Some projects are done via group work so you will also gain communication and teamwork skills.

Pupil Voice

“I like being able to make things and use my imagination.”

Who teaches it?

Krissy Lund, an experienced teacher teaches Design Technology.

How is it taught?

You will have two 70-minute lessons per week.

What do we learn?

Students will acquire subject knowledge in Design Technology that builds on Key Stage 2, incorporating knowledge and understanding of different materials and manufacturing processes in order to design and make, with confidence.

Students learn how to take design risks, helping them to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens. They should develop an awareness of practices from the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries. Design Technology is important to the creativity, culture, sustainability, wealth and well-being of the nation and the global community.


  • Use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of products
  • Generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas


  • Select from and use tools and equipment to perform practical tasks
  • Select from and use range of materials and components


  • Investigate and analyse products
  • Understand how key events and individuals in design and technology have helped shape the world

Technical knowledge

  • Apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures

Where could it lead?

  • Engineer
  • Construction
  • Architect
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Brick Layer
  • Carpenter